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Investing in Main Street, USA

Business Cash Advances are a high-risk alternative asset class that can yield you serious returns, quickly.

Educated investors can make $1.20 on their $1.00 in less than 6 months

What do I have to gain?

You have $100,000 or $10,000,000 and want to fuel the economy of Main Street, USA. With Greenhouse, you can choose exactly how you want your funds to be allocated, either by a hands-off rapid deployment into each investment opportunity, or with a hands-on, deal by deal basis (you need to be available to make quick decisions throughout the day and week). Here's what each investment opportunity will look like:

$10,000 Funding Opportunity

$1,200 Up Front Commission

$11,200 Participation Amount

$14,500 Funding Return

$725 Management Fee

$13,775 Total Investor Return Amount

6 Month Term

$114.79 Daily Return Payment to Investor

1.2299 Factor Return

One factor to consider is the Merchant Refinance Opportunity. A refinance can be done when your investment is 60-70% repaid, so about 4 months into the 6 month term, you may be paid off early and will have the opportunity to participate in the new refinance funding.

What about losses?

Our global default rate is around 10%. Most of our investors do not experience loss of principal. Like any investment, there are risks. Navigate with Greenhouse Capital's experienced professionals to mitigate your risk and maximize your returns.

Why take the risk?

Your capital will be deployed with seasoned business owners who have demonstrated ability to profit more than their cost and pay back in a healthy way. Investing with Greenhouse Capital gives you the peace of mind of investing strategically, with complete transparency, and with a proactive collections team focused on protecting your investment. What you can expect:

1) >= 20% Exposure to Any Individual/Business

2) Paying Up Front Commission & Management Fee

3) Accepting the risk of loss

4) To yield about $1.20 on your $1.00

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